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"Photography shows others what they may miss in the living world around them. Being able to show your journey and all the beauty this world has to offer along the way. So stop, and enjoy Life one Pixel at a Time"

I am an amateur photographer who has been interested in photography ever since I was little. It wasn’t until recently that I finally was able to start exploring my creative side with photography. In March, 05 I was able to finally be able to purchase my first real SLR camera.

I first started out playing with my camera just to get a feel for it. I shot a few sporting events and nature photography. When I went to visit a model friend of mine in Florida she made me take pictures of her. This started me to get interested in portrait, high fashion, and glam photography. Currently I enjoy shooting night and landscape photography. But I am open to any type. Slowly I am learning new tricks and techniques every time I pick up my camera. So if you want me to shoot some photography, please contact me and ill see what I can do.

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All pictures and work displayed on this website and sub pages, are to remain the property of Any use of the pictures such as downloading, displaying, or distributing without written permission from is strictly prohibited. Models are to remain a co-owner of any work that they are displayed in. However they are not to use the work for any prints or website work, other than for there portfolio, without agreed permission from

All models used, are of the age 18 years or older. Any models used under the age of 18 will only be used at the written permission from a legal guardian. However they will not be used for nudity.

If you would like to use one of my photographs, please contact me to get my permission to use my work for your own purposes.